Rajiv is an award winning artist with more than a dozen solo and group shows under his belt. Rajiv’s experiences growing up in South Asia have had a major influence on his work, shaping not only subject matter and general motives, but also his color palette. He particularly enjoys creating vivid abstractions restricted to 2 or 3 dominant colors; using line, shape, design, contrast, and texture as his main creative elements. He has also explored monochromatic compositions with great success, winning “Award of Excellence” in the Mixed Media category from Triton Museum, Santa Clara, in 2007.

His training at the Fun Kadha Art Institute has provided him with a solid foundation in the traditional method of watercolor painting. He often applies the “watercolor layering” technique to his current acrylic and mixed media works. He loves to experiment with texture and has tried everything; from wax to sand to hand-made paper to build up unique surfaces.

Rajiv resides in Los Anglees where he currently works on contemporary abstract paintings on canvas and paper. He is also actively involved in creating new digital media works where he is merging his art with his photography. His works have been displayed in many shows and have also been purchased by numerous private parties.


2016  Third Place winner - Open juried show, FALC
2015  Best Abstract -  Open Juried show, FALC

2012  Work accepted for State level Watermedia Exhibition - Triton Museum, Santa Clara
2007  Award of Excellence - Mixed Media - Triton Museum, Santa Clara

2007  Best of Show - Gallery 2611 - Redwood City




2018  Beverly Hills Playhouse
2012  Cupertino Library, Cupertino, California

2011  University Art, Palo Alto
2011  Vino Locale, Palo Alto
2010  Mountain View Center for Performing Arts
2008  Tied House, Mountain View and San Jose, California
2007  Allegro Gallery, Portola Valley, California
2004  Saint Mike's Cafe, Palo Alto, California




2018       The Brewery Art Walk, Los Angeles
2018       Jameson Gallery, Sierra Madre
2018       Los Angeles Art Association Juried shows  
2017       Neutra Institute Gallery, Los Angeles
2016       FM Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles  
2015       Harrington Gallery, Pleasanton
2014       China Brotsky Gallery, San Francisco
2014       Adobe Art Gallery, Casto Valley

2013       Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco
2013-15  San Francisco Open Studios, Fort Mason
2013       Presentation Center, Los Gatos
2013       Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove
2013       Intel Corp Headoffice, Santa Clara
2003-15  Silicon Valley Open Studios
2012       Fibre Arts Design Gallery, Palo Alto
2011       Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco
2011       Stanford University Art Spaces, Palo Alto
2003-10   Fine Arts League of Cupertino, California
2004-14   AV Art Fest, California
2009       SVOS Invitational Show at Pacific Art League
2008       California Modern Art Gallery, San Francisco
2007       Gallery 2611, Redwood City, California
2005       Golden Jubilee Art Show, Cupertino, California


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